Privacy policy

Last adjusted: 11 December 2019

Coraco nv takes your rights and data protection seriously. In this document, we explain how we collect, process and use your personal data. This document therefore constitutes the general data processing policy of the enterprise.

If you have any questions regarding this statement and our policy, you can always contact us – Tel.: 016 56 20 21 – email address:

When and for what purposes are your data collected and processed?

Coraco nv collects and processes data about you when you call on us in your capacity as customer to have work done (new construction, renovation, etc.), when you subscribe to our newsletter or when you contact us in any other manner. We collectively refer to those activities as “customer management” and, in particular, they concern the execution of the projects that we contract with you.

Coraco nv also collects and processes your data when you contact us in your capacity as local resident with regard to complaints, suggestions and/or anything else that you might want to report. Those activities are referred to as “ombudsman’s service”.

If you are a supplier, then we process your data or those of your contacts within the scope of product delivery or service provision, for the generic purpose of “administration relating to suppliers”. In that case, it may also be that we include your data, together with the data of our own employees, in our work plans.

If you are a job applicant, then your data are processed for the purpose of following the procedure for all candidate employees. Your data will be kept for 5 years after the job application procedure ended.

Furthermore, we process your data, as customer or as supplier, when issuing invoices and other accounting documents. This constitutes the purpose of “accounting”.

In some cases, we process your data in your capacity as a prospective customer, i.e. a person who has not yet contacted us or does not yet have a contract with us, where our intention is to present our services to you (direct marketing).

Finally, it may be that we process data on you because that is or may be important to our activities, for example, to be able to request your advice or call on your services. We describe these activities as “communication” or “public relations.

Which data does Coraco nv collect and process?

These concern the data that you communicated to us and that we need to execute the project for which you called on us, such as your name, address, email address and professional data, for example, the company name and VAT number, the data regarding your family composition and other data in this regard. In most cases, you give us those data directly, but it may also be that we obtain those data from your architect or other parties with whom you collaborate.

The data can also relate to your interests in or plans relating to a future project.

With regard to suppliers, it may be that we process certain data to allow us to schedule the work properly. This concerns availability and presence, as well as type of work.

We process financial data for accounting purposes.

Data regarding your position and activities are processed within the scope of communication or public relations.

How does Coraco nv collect your data?

We collect your data when you complete forms (which may be on paper or electronically) for this purpose. This may be by way of an interview, by telephone or by correspondence by email.

We normally obtain such data directly from you. We may sometimes also obtain them indirectly. That is the case with data concerning employees of suppliers operating on our sites, which data come directly from the suppliers.

In direct marketing it might also we obtain your data from third parties. We then communicate to you from where we obtained your data.

What are the grounds for the processing of your data by Coraco nv?

In principle, we collect and process your data based on the contractual relationship that we have with you pursuant to your assignment and the contract that we conclude with you. That is also the basis for processing data on suppliers and on “accounting”.

Where the processing is not essential to execute the contractual relationship, such as in the case of direct marketing and communication/public relations, it is based on our legitimate interests as enterprise, in particular, the freedom of enterprise and information. In that regard, we always ensure that there is a balance between our and your interests, for example by granting you a right of objection.

Are the data communicated to third parties?

Your data are mainly processed internally within the scope of customer management, supplier management, work plans, accounting and communication/public relations by the department that/person responsible who assumes responsibility for such activities.
They can be assigned to processors on whom we rely (such as Mailchimp, etc.) for certain punctual services or assignments, albeit always subject to our control.

Unless you object, they can also be shared with an enterprise affiliated to Coraco nv (DCA nv, Eurocon Investments, K. Beerschot V.A. and DC Recycling nv).

We are sometimes obliged to transmit them to other persons. More specifically, this is the case where we are obliged to do so by law or where government bodies who have the right to do so, demand data from us. In that case, we verify whether the conditions regarding the demand for data have been met.

In principle, your data are not transmitted to third countries or international organisations.

Your rights

You can always view the data that we process on you and, if necessary, have them corrected or erased. To do so, it will suffice to send us a request – to the following email address:, and include proof of your identity. We ask you to do so to prevent your data from being communicated to someone who is not entitled to them.

You can at all times object to any occasion on which we process your data for direct marketing purposes. To do so, it will suffice to contact us – via the following email address:

You can also object to having your data communicated to the other enterprises (DCA nv, Eurocon Investments, K. Beerschot V.A. and DC Recycling nv), also at the same address.

You can always submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority ( Drukpersstraat 35 in 1000 Brussels if you do not agree with the way in which Coraco nv processes your data.


Coraco nv reserves the right to amend this statement and/or this policy. Users will be notified of amendments via the website.